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Reptile Transportation Services by Pets Let's Travel in the UK and EU

Reptile Transportation Services by Pets Let's Travel in the UK and EU

At Pets Let’s Travel, we provide unparalleled Reptile Transportation Services, specialising in the safe and comfortable transit of popular reptile pets such as snakes, tortoises, iguanas, bearded dragons, and geckos across the UK and extending our expertise to the EU. We understand the unique needs of these exotic animals, and our reptile courier service is designed to ensure their welfare, security, and comfort throughout their journey. Trust us to deliver a seamless transport experience for your beloved reptiles, ensuring they arrive at their destination stress-free and in perfect health.

Why Choose Pets Let's Travel for Reptile Transport in the UK and EU.

Expertise in Reptile Transport: Leveraging our specialised knowledge, we cater to the specific needs of each species we transport, offering tailored care that ensures the comfort of your reptiles during their journey across the UK or into the EU.

Customised Travel Solutions: Each reptile and our transport solutions are unique. We provide bespoke services that are meticulously tailored to meet your reptile’s needs, ensuring its safety and comfort, whether it is travelling locally within the UK or across the EU.

Commitment to Safety: Our top priority is the safety and comfort of your reptiles. Our state-of-the-art transport vehicles have advanced climate control systems to maintain optimal conditions tailored to each species, ensuring a stress-free journey within the UK or EU.

Transparent and Communicative Approach: We keep you fully informed with real-time updates and GPS tracking, enabling you to monitor your pet’s journey at every step, providing peace of mind whether your pet travels domestically or internationally.


Comprehensive Reptile Transportation Services

Specialised Care for Each Species

  • Snakes are transported in specially designed enclosures that minimise stress and maintain stable temperatures, ensuring their safety and comfort during transit.
  • Tortoises: Spacious crates allow for comfortable movement, which is essential for stress reduction during long journeys.
  • Iguanas: Provided individually controlled climate compartments that cater to their need for warm and humid environments.
  • Bearded Dragons: Receive UV lighting and temperature-controlled environments that closely mimic their natural habitats.
  • Geckos: Careful control of humidity and temperature settings ensures their comfort by meeting their specific needs.

Tailored Transportation Experience

Our transport plans are customised to the individual requirements of each reptile, considering both UK and EU standards and regulations:

  • Health Checks: Comprehensive pre-travel health assessments ensure all reptiles are fit for travel.
  • Climate-Controlled Transport: We maintain precise temperature and humidity levels to support the well-being of different reptile species during transit.
  • Secure and Comfortable Enclosures: Custom-designed enclosures provide safety, comfort, and ample space for movement.
Tailored Transportation Experience
Pre-Travel Consultation and Customization

Ensuring a Stress-Free Journey

We aim to make the transportation process smooth and stress-free for both reptiles and their owners. We provide detailed pre-travel instructions and post-travel care tips to help your reptile acclimate to new environments quickly and comfortably.

Pre-Travel Consultation and Customization

A thorough pre-travel consultation lets us gather all necessary information about your reptile’s health, behaviour, and preferences. This step is crucial for customising travel plans that meet the specific needs of your reptile, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

Comprehensive Health and Safety Protocols

Strict health and safety protocols are followed to ensure the utmost care of your reptiles during transportation. Our team is expertly trained in reptile first aid and animal behaviour and equipped to handle any situation that may arise during the journey.

Advanced Booking and Scheduling System

Our sophisticated online booking and scheduling system simplifies the booking process, allowing for the selection of optimal travel dates and times that align with your schedule, whether travelling within the UK or to the EU.

Comprehensive Health and Safety Protocols
Training and Development for Handling Staff

Training and Development for Handling Staff

Continuous training in reptile care and customer service ensures that our handling staff are always prepared to provide the highest level of service. Their expertise in species-specific handling techniques and stress reduction strategies guarantees a calm and safe travel environment.

Post-Travel Care and Feedback

After the journey, we provide a comprehensive post-travel care package with acclimation tips and a summary. We value feedback through our customer satisfaction survey, which helps us continually enhance our services.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. We employ eco-friendly practices in all our operations and engage in carbon offset programs to balance the emissions produced by our transportation services.

Stress Management and Acclimation Techniques

Understanding the sensitive nature of reptiles, our transportation services include pre-travel stress management and acclimation techniques. We employ pre-travel habituation to travel enclosures, gentle handling sessions, and environmental enrichment techniques to reduce stress. This ensures that reptiles are calm and prepared for the journey, minimising stress-induced health issues.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Systems

Regulatory Compliance and Documentation

Transporting reptiles across international borders, whether within the UK or the EU, involves strict regulatory compliance. Pets Let’s Travel handles all necessary documentation and health certifications for transporting reptiles. Our team stays updated with the latest regulations to ensure smooth and hassle-free customs clearance, adhering to UK and EU wildlife trade laws.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Systems

Our vehicles are equipped with advanced temperature and humidity monitoring systems, crucial for maintaining the environment necessary for reptile well-being. These systems are continuously monitored and adjusted according to the specific needs of each species, ensuring that conditions such as heat for snakes and humidity for tropical species like iguanas are meticulously controlled.

Emergency Response and Veterinary Access

Our staff are trained to respond promptly in the unlikely event of a medical emergency. We have established protocols for immediate veterinary consultation and intervention. Our partnerships with veterinary specialists across the UK and EU ensure expert care is available quickly to address any health issues during transit.

Post-Transport Health Checks

Upon arrival, we conduct thorough post-transport health checks to ensure that the reptiles have not developed any travel-related issues. This service provides peace of mind for owners and helps in the early detection of potential health problems. Owners receive a detailed health report, and our veterinary partners immediately address concerns.


Ensure they are accustomed to their travel enclosure well before the journey, with familiar hides and substrates to make them feel secure.

We use vehicles with climate control and closely monitor temperature and humidity to maintain the ideal environment for tortoises.

Our real-time GPS tracking system lets you monitor your iguana’s trip directly from your smartphone.

Our staff is trained in reptile first aid, and our vehicles are equipped with emergency supplies, ensuring quick access to veterinary assistance if needed.

We use species-appropriate substrates that mimic the reptiles’ natural habitats, such as coconut fiber for tropical species and aspen shavings for snakes, to provide comfort and maintain humidity levels during the journey.

All travel enclosures are securely locked and feature tamper-proof seals. They are constructed to prevent escape, ensuring your reptile remains safe and contained throughout the transport.

Yes, we allow pet owners to provide their custom enclosures, provided they meet our safety and comfort standards. Our experts will inspect and approve all custom enclosures to ensure they are suitable for travel.

In the event of a delay, we have contingency plans, including secure holding facilities where your reptile can comfortably stay until the journey can continue. Continuous care and monitoring are provided regardless of the duration of the delay.

We can accommodate multiple reptiles in a single journey. However, the number may be limited by the reptiles’ size and the travel enclosures’ specifications to ensure each reptile has adequate space and the environment remains controlled.