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Choose the Right Pet Courier for Birds: Safe, Stress-Free Transport by Pets Let's Travel

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For your bird transportation needs, whether relocating, travelling, or simply in search of a dependable service, Pets Let’s Travel specialises in providing a secure, comfortable, and smooth journey specifically for your avian companions. We recognise that birds are not just pets but beloved family members, and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring their transport is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. If you’re based in Birmingham and need a reliable pet courier service for your feathered friend, Pets Let’s Travel is here to assist you.

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific pet courier for birds requirements. Discover why Pets Let’s Travel is the go-to choice for bird owners seeking peace of mind. Your birds’ happiness and well-being during their journey are our primary focus, every trip, all the time. 

Why Choose Us as Your Pet Courier for Birds?

Expertise in Avian Handling

Transporting birds requires specialised knowledge and experience. Avian experts, like those on the Pets Lets Travel team, understand different bird species’ unique needs, from parrots and canaries to exotic and rare breeds.

We ensure that your feathered friends are handled with care and attention throughout the journey, minimising stress and ensuring their well-being.

Customised Travel Plans

Every bird has specific requirements when it comes to transport. Whether it’s temperature control, proper cage size, or dietary needs, Pets Lets Travel tailors our travel plans to accommodate the individual needs of your birds. This ensures a comfortable and safe journey for your pet birds.

Pet Transportation Service

Stress-Free Documentation

Navigating the paperwork associated with transporting birds can be a daunting task. Pets Lets Travel’s team knows all about the necessary permits, health certificates, and import/export regulations associated with avian travel. We’ll handle all the documentation, ensuring that your birds meet all the legal requirements for their trip.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your birds are our top priorities. Our transport vehicles are designed to prevent escape, and we use secure and comfortable carriers to ensure the well-being of your feathered companions throughout the journey.

Peace of Mind

When you choose a bird courier service like Pets Let’s Travel , you can rest assured that your birds will receive the best care and attention during their journey. We provide regular updates on their progress and are always available to address any concerns.

Convenient Door-to-Door Service

We offer a convenient door-to-door service, meaning we pick up your birds from your location and deliver them directly to your desired destination. There is no need to navigate busy airports or transportation hubs.

Pet Transportation Service

Pet Courier for Birds Services From Pets Let's Travel

Domestic Bird Transport

Door-to-Door Service: Ideal for nationwide travel, ensuring your bird’s journey from your current location to their new home is seamless and stress-free.
Custom Travel Planning: Tailored routes and schedules to fit your bird’s specific needs, including comfortable rest stops and minimal stress travel paths.
Health and Safety Checks: Regular monitoring and care by our experienced team to keep your bird in optimal health throughout their journey.

International Bird Transport

Global Relocation Services: Expert coordination of international flights with all necessary health, safety, and customs regulations considered for a smooth transition to a new country.
Quarantine Assistance: Guidance and management of any required quarantine processes, ensuring your bird’s comfort and well-being during this period.
Comprehensive Paperwork Handling: We take care of all the necessary documentation, from export permits to health certificates, making international travel hassle-free.

Pet Transportation Service
Pet Transportation Service

Health and Wellness Checks

Before each journey, we can arrange for experienced veterinarians to conduct thorough health and wellness checks on your bird. We want to ensure they are fit for travel and have all the necessary vaccinations and paperwork.

Secure and Comfortable Travel Crates

We provide top-quality travel crates to keep your bird safe and comfortable during transit. These crates are well-ventilated, insulated, and spacious enough to allow movement. Take the first step towards your birds’ safe and comfortable journey. 

Constant Monitoring and Communication

During the journey, our team will monitor your bird’s well-being closely. We’ll keep you updated on their progress, and you can contact us anytime for updates.

Knowledgeable Bird Handlers

Our team includes trained bird handlers passionate about your avian companion’s well-being. They have the expertise to handle various bird species, ensuring their comfort and safety.

Pet Transportation Service

What Sets Pets Lets Travel Apart?

At Pets Lets Travel, we take immense pride in being your top choice for all your pet transportation needs. Our commitment to excellence, backed by a wealth of experience and a customer-centric approach, sets us apart from the rest.

Pet Transportation Service


With years of dedicated service in the pet transportation industry, Pets Lets Travel boasts a team of experts who understand pet owners’ unique needs and concerns. 

Our deep knowledge of various pet species, their behaviours, and specific transportation requirements ensures that your pets are in safe hands.


Experience matters, and at Pets Let’s Travel, we have a proven track record of successfully and safely transporting pets of all kinds. Whether furry, feathered, or scaly, we’ve seen them all and know how to make the journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible for your beloved companions.


Our commitment to the well-being of your pets is unwavering. We understand your emotional attachment to your animals, and we treat every pet as if they were our own. From the moment Pets Lets Travel takes charge of your pets to the moment they reach their final destination, our top priorities are their safety, comfort, and happiness.

Affordable Pricing

Quality pet transportation shouldn’t break the bank. At Pets lets Travel, top-notch service can be affordable. Our pricing is competitive, and we offer transparent rates so that you know you’re getting excellent value for your money.


Ensuring the Well-being of Your Feathered Friend with a Trusted Bird Courier Service

Your birds’ comfort, safety, and happiness are our top priorities, and we go the extra mile to ensure a stress-free journey for them. From customised bird-friendly travel arrangements to strict health and safety protocols, we cover every aspect of avian transportation.

Quality service shouldn’t come at an exorbitant cost. That’s why we offer competitive and transparent pricing, making professional bird transportation accessible to all bird owners.

Contact us today to discuss your avian transportation needs and experience the peace of mind of entrusting your birds to the experts.

Your feathered friends deserve the best; with Pets Lets Travel, they’ll receive nothing less.


We take numerous measures to ensure the safety and comfort of birds, including customising travel arrangements, providing proper ventilation, temperature control, and secure perching options. Our trained professionals handle birds with care to minimise stress.

Yes, we are well-versed in the legal requirements for transporting birds locally and internationally. We ensure all necessary permits and documentation are to comply with regulations.

We provide guidelines on preparing your bird for transport, including securing it in an appropriate carrier or cage, ensuring they have access to food and water, and providing any necessary health documentation.

Please inform us of your bird’s special needs or medical conditions during the booking process. We will arrange to accommodate these requirements and ensure their well-being during transport.

While we strive to provide smooth and timely transport, unforeseen circumstances can occur. In such cases, we will communicate with you promptly and make every effort to resolve any issues while prioritising your bird’s welfare.