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The Heartwarming Story Behind Pets Let's Travel: When Love Meets Logistics

In the age of globalisation, we’ve all become world travellers. And for those of us with pets, our four-legged family members increasingly join in on our globe-trotting adventures. But as any pet owner who’s ever moved knows, transporting your beloved furkid is often easier said than done. 

Enter Pets Let’s Travel, a pet transportation service founded by Deepak Shukla, designed to make the pet travel process as seamless and stress-free as possible—for both humans and their pets.

How It All Began: A Problem Seeking a Solution

Deepak Shukla never set out to start a pet transportation service. Like many of the best business ideas, Pets Let’s Travel was born out of personal necessity. Deepak, a proud cat dad to Jenny, faced an international relocation. It should have been an exciting moment, a new chapter, but the decision was tainted by an all-consuming concern: How would he safely bring Jenny along for the ride?

Deepak Shukla, Pet Transportation Service
Pet Transportation Service

Flying with pets isn’t as straightforward as booking a ticket and arriving at the airport. It quickly becomes a logistical nightmare, from cumbersome airline restrictions to confusing international animal transport regulations and potential quarantine requirements. And that’s before you even consider how traumatic the experience might be for your pet.

Deepak couldn’t bear the thought of putting Jenny in an aeroplane’s cargo hold, a space notorious for its temperature extremes and excessive noise levels. He was equally apprehensive about Jenny travelling in the cabin with him, worried her soft meows might disturb other passengers and that the experience would cause her stress. Plus, Deepak had heard the horror stories: pets breaking free from their carriers, becoming dehydrated, or worse.

The Lightbulb Moment

It was during this time of stress and confusion that the idea for Pets Let’s Travel was born. Deepak wondered: “Why can’t there be a safer, more comfortable way for pets to travel long distances?” He realised he couldn’t be the only pet owner grappling with these challenges. The questions led to research, and the research led to the creation of Pets Let’s Travel—a pet transport service offering a unique blend of comfort, safety, compassion, and compliance.

After successfully navigating the international pet travel landscape, Deepak realised that the issues he had faced with Jenny weren’t unique to long-haul journeys or travel with cats. The stress of a bus ride, or even an Uber, to a local vet, can be just as disorienting for a pet as an overseas flight. And dogs travel even more often than cats.

With this in mind, Pets Let’s Travel extended its specialised services to domestic and even local pet transport and to cater to a wide variety of pets, even those considered exotic. 

Now, you can avail of the same level of care and expertise whether you’re moving to another continent or just need to take your pet for its annual check-up. The local services are customized to address short-distance specific challenges but to be just as efficient as long-distance trips. 

For example, the vehicles used for local transport are equipped with the same climate control and familiar comforts, like your pet’s favourite blanket or toy, as those used for international travel, ensuring your pet feels at ease even during brief journeys. The same experienced pet nannies are always along for the ride, too. 

Why Pets Let's Travel Remains Unmatched

What sets Pets Let’s Travel apart is the love and meticulous care we pour into every journey. Our founder’s own experiences with the twists and turns of pet travel have shaped our approach, making us experts in logistics and understanding what pets need to feel secure and happy on the road. Whether we’re planning an international adventure or a local outing, we dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’, ensuring all travels comply with regulations and are managed by a team who are not just trained in animal behavior but are genuine pet lovers at heart.

Here at Pets Let’s Travel, we handle the lot – that includes sorting out the nitty-gritty customs paperwork for overseas trips. But, more importantly, we ensure your furry, feathered, or scaled friends are as comfortable and cared for on their journey as they are at home. We aim to take the stress out of pet travel, leaving you worry-free and your pets snug and content, no matter where they’re headed.