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Safe and Snug: Coventry's Top Choice for Stress-Free Pet Transport

Tips for Choosing the Right Pet Transportation Service

At Pets Lets Travel, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding pet transport services that are both safe and comfortable for your beloved animals. Based in the heart of Coventry, our team is dedicated to ensuring that every pet’s journey is as stress-free as possible.

Our commitment to animal welfare is paramount. We understand the unique needs and anxieties pets may experience during transport. By adopting a compassionate and attentive approach, we ensure that your pet feels secure and calm throughout their journey.

Our staff are trained to recognize signs of stress and manage them effectively, making the transport process smooth for both you and your pet.

Understanding Pet Needs and Anxieties During Transport

We recognise that each pet is an individual with specific needs during travel. Our vehicles are equipped with comfortable bedding, adequate ventilation, and temperature control systems to cater to these needs. We ensure regular stops on longer journeys so pets can stretch and relieve themselves, helping to reduce anxiety and promote comfort.

The Pets Lets Travel Experience: What Sets Us Apart?

Ensuring a Stress-Free Journey for Your Pets

To further ensure a stress-free journey, we maintain a serene environment inside our transport vehicles. This involves limiting loud noises and providing a calm, soothing atmosphere that helps pets relax.
Our team is always on hand to provide reassurance and care, ensuring your pet’s travel experience is positive and tranquil.

Fully Licenced and Insured Transport

Pets Lets Travel is fully licensed and adheres to all regulations set forth by DEFRA, ensuring that we meet the highest standards of pet safety and welfare.

DEFRA Certification: What It Means for Your Pet’s Safety

Being a DEFRA certified transporter means we comply with strict health and safety regulations, which is crucial for your pet’s safety. Our certification assures you that we maintain the highest standards in pet transportation, with all necessary checks and balances in place.

Comprehensive Insurance for Peace of Mind

Alongside our DEFRA certification, we provide comprehensive insurance for every pet in our care. This means that in the unlikely event of an emergency, your pet is fully covered, which adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for you as the owner.
By choosing Pets Lets Travel, you ensure that your pet’s journey in and around Coventry is handled by professionals who truly care about animal welfare and comfort.

Tailored Transportation Experience

Our Pet Transport Services in Coventry

At Pets Lets Travel, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive pet transport solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each pet and their owners in Coventry. From door-to-door services to long-distance travel, our focus is on safety, comfort, and convenience.

How We Make Travel Convenient for You and Your Pet

We make pet travel convenient by handling all aspects of the journey. This includes collecting your pet from inside your home, settling them into the vehicle, and accompanying them to their appointment or destination. Our service is designed to save you time and reduce the stress associated with transporting your pet.

Real-Time Updates and GPS Tracking

To keep you fully informed, we offer real-time updates and GPS tracking for every trip. You can monitor your pet’s journey from start to finish, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly where they are at all times.

Long-Distance Pet Travel Solutions

For those needing to transport their pets over longer distances, including intercity or interstate trips, Pets Lets Travel offers specialised long-distance travel solutions. We ensure that every aspect of the journey is planned to maintain the utmost comfort for your pet.

Tailored Routes for Optimal Pet Comfort

Our long-distance routes are carefully planned to include regular breaks and are tailored to avoid heavy traffic areas and rough roads. This meticulous planning helps in reducing travel time and minimising stress on your pet.

Special Arrangements for Senior Pets and Special Needs

We provide special arrangements for senior pets and those with special needs. This includes comfortable bedding, support for mobility-impaired pets, and any necessary medication management during the trip. Our goal is to ensure that all pets, regardless of their age or health, can travel safely and comfortably.
By choosing Pets Lets Travel, you are opting for a service that puts the welfare of your pet first, ensuring they are treated with care and respect throughout their journey.

What Sets Pets Lets Travel Apart?

Pets Lets Travel stands out in the Coventry pet transport industry not just through our services, but through our dedicated team and advanced equipment. Our commitment to quality and the deep care we provide to every animal are what truly differentiate us.

Expertise and Passion for Pets

Our operation is built around a profound passion for animals and a commitment to their welfare. This foundational passion is evident in every aspect of our services, from customer interactions to the transport itself.

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Meet Our Team of Animal Lovers

Our team comprises dedicated professionals who not only have extensive experience in pet care but also possess a genuine love for animals. This deep affection for pets ensures that we provide a nurturing and secure environment, treating every pet as if it were our own.

Continuous Training and Education in Animal Care

We believe in the continuous professional development of our staff. Regular training sessions are held to keep our team updated on the latest animal care techniques and transport safety protocols. This dedication to education ensures the highest standards of care and the most current practices in pet transport.

State-of-the-Art Transportation Equipment

At Pets Lets Travel, we invest in state-of-the-art transportation equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of your pets during their journey.

Vehicles Specially Designed for Pet Transport

Our fleet of vehicles is specifically designed for pet transport. They are equipped with adjustable climate controls and are spacious enough to ensure that pets are not just safe, but also comfortable. Every vehicle is fitted with secure cages and harnesses to keep pets stable and secure, regardless of the road conditions.

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Climate-Controlled Vans and Regular Sanitation

To further enhance pet comfort and safety, all our transport vans are climate-controlled, maintaining temperatures that are ideal for pets. Regular sanitation protocols are rigorously followed to ensure that our vehicles remain clean and hygienic, preventing any risk of infection or illness.
These elements combine to make Pets Lets Travel a leader in pet transportation in Coventry, distinguished by our care for pets and our professional approach to every aspect of our service.

How to Prepare Your Pet for Transport

Preparing your pet for transport is crucial to ensure their journey is as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Proper preparation can significantly enhance the safety and wellbeing of your pet during travel.

Pre-Transport Health Checks

Before embarking on any form of transport, it’s essential to ensure that your pet is healthy and ready for the journey.

Health and Documentation Checklist
How we prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of your pets

What to Know Before Your Pet’s Journey

A thorough health check by a veterinarian is advisable to confirm that your pet is fit to travel. This check should include a review of your pet’s vaccination records, general health, and any potential travel-related concerns such as motion sickness. Ensure your pet is up to date with all vaccinations, and consider preventative treatments for fleas, ticks, and worms.

Packing Essentials for Your Pet’s Comfort

Proper packing is key to your pet’s comfort and safety during transport.

The Must-Have Items for a Comfortable Trip

When preparing for pet transport, include items that will help maintain the comfort and calm of your pet throughout the journey. These essentials include:

Familiar Items

Bring along a favourite toy or blanket to provide comfort and a sense of familiarity.

What Sets Our Services Apart

Water and Food

Pack a supply of water and some familiar food. Also, consider including a portable water dish.


If your pet is on any medication, ensure you have enough to last the journey, along with detailed instructions.

Comfort Break Supplies

For long journeys, include necessary items for comfort breaks, such as waste bags, a leash, and litter for cats.

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure that your pet’s travel experience is safe and comfortable. Preparing adequately not only secures your pet’s wellbeing but also provides you with peace of mind.

Safety and Emergency Procedures

The safety of your pet during transport is our highest priority. We have comprehensive procedures in place to handle any emergencies that might arise.

Protocols for Ensuring Pet Safety During Unexpected Events

Purchase an IATA-approved travel crate if your pet doesn’t have one. The crate should be large enough for your pet to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably.

Protocols for Ensuring Pet Safety During Unexpected Events

Our vehicles are equipped with emergency supplies, including first aid kits and additional resources for critical care. Each of our drivers is trained in pet first aid and emergency response protocols.
In the event of an emergency, we have systems in place to ensure prompt veterinary care. Furthermore, our operation centre monitors each journey in real-time, ready to respond and assist the driver in navigating any unexpected situations.
By addressing these common queries, we aim to reassure pet owners that their beloved pets are in capable hands, receiving professional care throughout their journey.

FAQs: What Pet Owners Need to Know

We understand that transport can be stressful for pets. Our handlers are trained to recognize and mitigate anxiety in pets. We use calming pheromone sprays and soft music, if necessary, to create a relaxing environment. Additionally, we encourage owners to provide a familiar item, such as a blanket or toy, to comfort their pet during the journey.

Our drivers and handlers undergo rigorous training in animal behaviour, safety protocols, and first aid specifically tailored to pets. This ensures that they are well-prepared to handle a variety of situations and can provide the best care for your pet during transport.

Yes, you can! We provide a GPS tracking link at the start of the journey so you can monitor your pet’s location in real-time. Additionally, our handlers will send periodic updates via text or email to reassure you of your pet’s well-being.

We schedule regular stops to allow pets to relieve themselves and stretch, especially during longer trips. Each vehicle is equipped with necessary supplies for clean-up and hygiene to ensure a comfortable experience for all pets onboard.