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Veterinary Support Services London: Comprehensive Pet Concierge and Consultation by Pets Let’s Travel

Tailored Transportation Experience

At Pets Let’s Travel, we recognise pet owners’ diverse and intricate needs in managing their pets’ health and travel requirements. Our expert team at Veterinary Support Services London is dedicated to providing end-to-end support, encompassing everything from routine health check-ups to international travel arrangements for your pets.

Why Choose Pets? Let's Travel for Veterinary Support Services in London.

Choosing Pets Let’s Travel means accessing a wealth of veterinary expertise and bespoke pet care solutions tailored to the unique needs of each animal. Here’s why our services are indispensable:

  • Expert Veterinary Consultation: Our skilled veterinarians offer comprehensive medical advice, handle emergencies precisely, and provide ongoing health monitoring to keep your pets thriving.
  • Customized Pet Care Plans: We tailor our services to address your pet’s needs, whether dietary management, behaviour training, or age-specific care strategies.
  • Stress-Free Travel Solutions: We navigate the complexities of pet travel for you, managing all documentation, compliance with international standards, and safe transportation.
  • Holistic Wellness Approach: Our integrative care model addresses every aspect of your pet’s health and happiness, promoting a well-rounded lifestyle.

Detailed Services Provided by Pets Let's Travel at Veterinary Support Services London

  • Pet Nutrition and Diet Consultation: Our nutrition experts create personalised feeding plans that cater to your pet’s specific health requirements and lifestyle, ensuring they receive the optimal balance of nutrients.
  • Routine Health Check-Ups: Regular examinations help in the early detection and management of potential health issues. Our thorough checks include physical assessments and diagnostic testing.
Comprehensive Health and Safety Protocols
International Health Standards Compliance
  • Emergency Veterinary Services: We provide 24/7 emergency response and are equipped with the latest technology to handle any urgent health concerns that may arise.
  • Behavioural Training Support: Address behavioural issues with our expert-guided training sessions, designed to improve communication between you and your pet and solve common behavioural problems.
  • Senior Pet Care: Specialized care programs for older pets focus on pain management, mobility enhancement, and other age-related health needs.
  • Pet Vaccination Guidance: Tailored vaccination protocols are essential for preventing disease, and our team ensures your pet’s immunisations are current.
  • Pet Dental Care: Comprehensive dental services maintain your pet’s oral hygiene, preventing diseases affecting their overall health.
  • Parasite Control Advice: Protect your pet from parasites with our expert prevention and treatment strategies.
  • Pet Reproduction and Breeding Consultation: We offer detailed reproductive support from conception through birth for those interested in breeding.
  • Travel Health Certificates: We facilitate all aspects of travel planning, ensuring your pet meets all health regulations for both domestic and international journeys.

Pet Behavioral Assessment Programs

At Pets Let’s Travel, we offer specialised behavioural assessment programs designed to identify and address your pet’s behavioural issues. Our expert behaviourists work closely with pets to diagnose problems such as aggression, anxiety, or fear and develop personalised strategies to manage and resolve these behaviours effectively.

Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation Services

Understanding the importance of physical health, we provide fitness and rehabilitation services tailored to your pet’s needs. Whether recovering from surgery or needing weight management, our rehabilitation specialists offer hydrotherapy, physical exercises, and massage therapy to improve your pet’s physical condition and overall well-being.

Pet Behavioral Assessment Programs
Pet Allergy Testing and Treatment

Advanced Diagnostic Services

Our facility has advanced diagnostic tools to help detect and treat health conditions efficiently. From digital X-rays to ultrasound and MRI, we ensure accurate diagnoses are made quickly, facilitating timely and effective treatment for your pet.

Pet Allergy Testing and Treatment

Allergies can significantly affect your pet’s quality of life. At Pets Let’s Travel, we offer comprehensive allergy testing and customised treatment plans that may include dietary adjustments, medications, or environmental changes to help manage and alleviate allergy symptoms.

End-of-Life Care and Support

We provide compassionate end-of-life care and support services to ensure comfort for pets in their final stages. Our approach includes pain management, hospice care, and counselling services for pet owners to help them through this difficult time.

Pet Insurance Guidance

Navigating pet insurance options can be confusing. Our team offers guidance on choosing the right pet insurance plan to cover veterinary expenses, ensuring you’re prepared for health issues without financial strain.

End-of-Life Care and Support
Exceptional Customer Service Around the Clock

Mobile Veterinary Services

We offer mobile veterinary services for clients who find it difficult to travel to our clinic. Our mobile units are fully equipped to provide examinations, treatments, and vaccinations at your doorstep, making veterinary care more accessible and convenient.

Pet Grooming Services

We believe grooming is essential not just for your pet’s appearance but for their health as well. Our professional groomers provide services such as bathing, haircuts, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, all designed to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.

Pet Nutrition Workshops

To educate pet owners about the essentials of pet nutrition, Pets Let’s Travel conducts workshops that cover topics such as balanced diets, understanding pet food labels, and choosing the right supplements for your pet’s age and health condition.

Seasonal Pet Care Advice

As seasons change, so do the care requirements for your pets. We offer seasonal pet care advice to help pet owners manage their pets’ needs throughout the year, from summer heatwaves to winter cold, ensuring they remain healthy and safe in different environmental conditions.

Enhanced Communication with Pet Owners

We prioritise communication with pet owners through regular updates, educational materials, and detailed discussions about their pets’ health and treatment options. We aim to ensure that pet owners are well-informed and involved in the decision-making process regarding their pet’s care.

Pet Nutrition Workshops

Community Engagement and Education Programs

Pets Let’s Travel is committed to community engagement. We host educational programs and community events to raise awareness about pet health, responsible pet ownership, and the importance of veterinary care. These events provide valuable information and foster a community of well-informed pet owners.


Our team includes trained professionals experienced in administering medications and caring for pets with medical conditions. We can work closely with you and your veterinarian to ensure your pet’s medical needs are met during transport, including any necessary medications or special accommodations.

Yes, we can! Pets Let’s Travel Services can accommodate multiple pets during the same transport. Please inform us about the number and type of pets when booking our services, and we will ensure they all travel together safely and comfortably.

We understand that some pet owners may require our services multiple times or have multiple pets. We offer discounts and packages for frequent travellers and those with multiple cats. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs, and we’ll be happy to provide you with customised pricing and options to suit your circumstances.

We recommend booking our services for planned relocations as far as possible, ideally a few weeks to a month before your desired moving date. This allows us to ensure availability, tailor the transport plan to your cat’s needs, and accommodate any specific requirements you may have.

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For more detailed information or to arrange a consultation, please visit our website, email us, or call us directly. We prioritise your pet’s health and happiness, ensuring they receive the best possible care.