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Planning a seamless journey for your beloved pet from the UK to Slovakia? At Pets Lets Travel, we understand the importance of ensuring your furry companion’s comfort and safety every step of the way. With our specialised pet transport service from the UK to Slovakia, rest assured that your pet’s journey will be stress-free and meticulously coordinated.

From the picturesque landscapes of the UK to the charming streets of Slovakia, our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch care for your pet throughout the entire transport process. With years of experience and a passion for animal welfare, we strive to exceed your expectations and make your pet’s travel experience as smooth as possible. Trust Pets Lets Travel to deliver peace of mind and exceptional service for your furry friend’s journey across borders.

Navigating Regional Specifics with Ease

Road Transport Conditions: In the UK, our journeys often traverse the M1, M6, or A1, renowned for their well-maintained surfaces and efficient traffic flow. Meanwhile, Slovakia’s D1 motorway offers smooth travel, ensuring minimal disruption for your pet. We meticulously plan routes to avoid congestion and ensure a comfortable journey.

Local Laws and Regulations: When transporting pets from the UK to Slovakia, understanding each country’s regulations is paramount. In the UK, compliance with the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) ensures smooth passage, while Slovakia requires specific documentation, including microchipping and rabies vaccinations. We ensure all legal requirements are met, facilitating hassle-free transport.

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Cultural Considerations: Recognising cultural attitudes towards pets in both countries is crucial. The UK’s love for pets extends to stringent welfare standards and pet-friendly establishments, ensuring a warm reception. In Slovakia, pets are often considered cherished family members, as reflected in the abundance of pet-friendly spaces. Understanding these nuances allows us to tailor our services for a seamless transition.

With our expertise in regional specifics, we navigate the intricacies of road transport conditions, local laws, and cultural considerations with precision, ensuring a stress-free journey for your beloved pet. Trust Pets Lets Travel to handle every aspect of your pet’s transport with care and professionalism.

Customised Pet Transport Solutions

Airport Pickup Services: At Pets Lets Travel, we offer seamless airport pickup services at key locations in both the UK and Slovakia. In the UK, airports like Heathrow and Gatwick provide dedicated pet handling facilities, ensuring a smooth transition for your furry friend. Similarly, Slovakia’s Bratislava Airport offers pet relief areas and efficient pet handling services for a stress-free arrival.

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Port Services: For those preferring sea travel, we provide comprehensive port services tailored to your pet’s needs. Ports such as Dover in the UK and Bratislava Port in Slovakia are equipped to handle pet arrivals, offering facilities like quarantine areas and pet-friendly amenities. Our team ensures a hassle-free experience, from customs clearance to onward transport arrangements.

Road Transport Options: With our diverse fleet and experienced drivers, we offer flexible road transport options to suit your preferences. Whether it’s door-to-door delivery or scheduled stops for comfort breaks, we tailor the journey to your pet’s comfort. Our Vehicles are equipped with pet-friendly amenities, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey from pickup to drop-off.

At Pets Lets Travel, we understand that every pet is unique, and we’re committed to providing tailored transport solutions that meet their individual needs. From airport pickups to road transport options, trust us to deliver exceptional service every step of the way.

Why Choose Us - Our Special Features

Safety Features: At Pets Lets Travel, your pet’s safety is our top priority. Our services boast advanced safety features such as GPS tracking, allowing you to monitor your pet’s journey in real-time. Additionally, our vehicles are equipped with secure enclosures and trained staff to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your furry companion.

Pet Comfort: We understand the importance of keeping your pet comfortable throughout their journey. That’s why we offer a range of amenities, from regular stopovers for exercise during road trips to carefully managed air pressure and temperature control in flights. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to ensure your pet feels at ease every step of the way, with special accommodations and personalised care.

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Customer Service: With Pets Lets Travel, you’ll experience unparalleled customer service from start to finish. Our multilingual support team is available around the clock to address any queries or concerns you may have, making international pet transport a breeze. Whether you need assistance with documentation or simply want updates on your pet’s journey, we’re here to provide peace of mind and exceptional service.

Get Started with Pets Lets Travel

Are you ready to embark on a stress-free journey with your pet? At Pets Lets Travel, we’re here to make it happen. From seamless airport pickups to tailored road transport options, we ensure your pet’s comfort and safety every step of the way. 

With our advanced safety features, dedicated pet comfort amenities, and exceptional customer service, you can trust us to handle your pet’s transport with care and professionalism. Contact us today to learn more and start planning your pet’s next adventure with Pets Lets Travel.


Yes, Pets Lets Travel provides GPS tracking for pets in transit, allowing you to monitor their journey in real-time.

Our experienced team is trained to handle pets with special medical needs. We ensure all necessary accommodations and care are provided throughout the journey.

Pets Lets Travel accommodates pets of all breeds and sizes, ensuring they travel safely and comfortably. However, certain airline and country-specific regulations may apply.

We recommend booking our services for planned relocations as far as possible, ideally a few weeks to a month before your desired moving date. This allows us to ensure availability, tailor the transport plan to your cat’s needs, and accommodate any specific requirements you may have.