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Tail Wagging Travels: Your Trusted Pet Transport Solution from UK to Czech Republic

Road Transport Options:

At Pets Lets Travel, we understand that your furry companions are more than just pets—they’re family. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing top-notch pet transport services from the UK to the Czech Republic tailored to your pet’s needs. With a team of passionate animal lovers and years of expertise in international pet transportation, we ensure a stress-free journey for your beloved pets.

From the picturesque landscapes of the United Kingdom to the historic charm of the Czech Republic, our pet transport service offers a seamless and comfortable experience for both you and your furry friend. Whether it’s by air or land, we prioritise safety, comfort, and personalised care, making us your trusted partner in pet transport solutions.

Navigating Regional Nuances

Road transport conditions:

In the UK, our pet transport service is well-versed in the intricacies of navigating the M1 motorway, ensuring smooth journeys for your furry companions. Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, the D1 motorway offers reliable routes with picturesque landscapes along the way.

Local Laws and Regulations:

Understanding the stringent pet import/export regulations of both countries is paramount to our service. From the UK’s Pet Travel Scheme to the Czech Republic’s requirements, we ensure compliance at every step, facilitating hassle-free journeys for your beloved pets.

Road Transport Options:

Cultural Considerations:

Respecting cultural attitudes towards pets is integral to our approach. In the UK, pets are often considered cherished family members, while in the Czech Republic, they hold a similar esteemed status. Our service acknowledges and adapts to these cultural nuances, ensuring a comfortable and respectful transport experience for all pets.

Personalised Pet Transport Solutions

Airport Pickup Services:

We offer tailored airport pickup services at key locations in both the UK and the Czech Republic. In the UK, airports like Heathrow and Gatwick boast pet-friendly facilities, ensuring a stress-free arrival for your pets. Similarly, in the Czech Republic, Prague Airport provides seamless pet handling services, including designated pet relief areas.

We aim to ease the journey, providing reassurance and support so you can focus on what’s important: the health of your pet. Trust in us to be your calm in the storm, ensuring your pet reaches professional help swiftly and safely.

Port Services:

Our comprehensive port services cater to pet arrivals in both the UK and the Czech Republic. Ports such as Southampton and Dover in the UK offer specialised pet handling facilities, guaranteeing a smooth transition for your furry companions. Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, ports like Port of Hamburg provide dedicated services for pets, ensuring their comfort and safety upon arrival.

Road Transport Options:

We understand that road transport options vary depending on your pet’s needs and preferences. Whether it’s a comfortable journey in one of our climate-controlled vehicles or a specialized pet carrier, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your pet’s comfort and safety. With experienced drivers and meticulous planning, we ensure a seamless road transport experience for your beloved pets.

Pet Courier For Emergency Transport

Why Choose Us - Our Special Features

Safety Features:

At Pets Lets Travel, safety is our top priority. Alongside GPS tracking for pets in transit and personalised updates for pet owners, we implement stringent safety measures such as secure pet crates and trained staff to ensure your pet’s well-being throughout the journey. Additionally, our vehicles are equipped with safety features like airbags and anti-lock brakes, providing an extra layer of protection for your furry companions.

Pet Comfort:

We understand the importance of ensuring your pet’s comfort during travel. That’s why our services go beyond just transportation. Whether it’s providing stopover spots for exercise during road trips or carefully managing air pressure and temperature in flights, we prioritize your pet’s comfort at every stage of the journey. Moreover, our vehicles feature climate control systems and spacious accommodations, ensuring a stress-free and comfortable experience for your pet.

Customer Service:

With Pets Lets Travel, you’re not just another customer – you’re part of our family. Our commitment to exceptional customer service extends to providing multilingual support and round-the-clock assistance for international pet transport. Whether you have inquiries about documentation requirements or simply want to check on your pet’s well-being, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Respecting Cultural Considerations

Let's Get Started with Pet Transport

Embark on a worry-free journey with Pets Lets Travel, your trusted companion for pet transport needs. We understand the importance of safe and comfortable travel for your furry friends. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Let’s make your pet’s travel dreams a reality!


 Absolutely! We provide GPS tracking for pets in transit, allowing you to monitor their whereabouts in real-time for peace of mind.

Not to worry! We accommodate special dietary needs and preferences, ensuring your pet receives the appropriate meals during travel.

We welcome pets of all breeds and sizes, with no discrimination. However, certain transport methods may have specific requirements for larger breeds or exotic pets.

Our experienced staff are trained to handle pets with care and compassion, including those with anxiety or behavioural issues. We take the necessary precautions to ensure a stress-free journey for your pet.