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Welcome to the gateway of seamless pet relocation—Pets Lets Travel, your premier Pet Transport Service in Exeter, UK. Whether it’s a jaunt across town or a journey across the country, every trip we facilitate is infused with unparalleled care and precision. 

Imagine a service where every detail is tailored to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety, blending expertise with empathy. This isn’t just transport; it’s a passage planned with heartfelt dedication. 

Choose us because your pet deserves more than just a ride—they deserve a journey catered to their needs. Let’s set the wheels in motion for your pet’s next great adventure!

Why Choose Pets Lets Travel for Your Pet Transportation Needs?

Choosing the right service for transporting your pets can be daunting. At Pets Lets Travel, we distinguish ourselves through our unwavering commitment to professionalism and the highest standards of animal welfare. Our clients choose us because we consistently demonstrate a thorough understanding of the needs of both pets and their owners, ensuring every transport is handled with utmost care and respect.

DEFRA Authorization and Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

As a DEFRA authorised transporter, Pets Lets Travel adheres to stringent guidelines and maintains the highest standards of animal welfare. This authorization confirms our compliance with health and safety regulations, providing peace of mind that your pet is in capable hands. 

Furthermore, our comprehensive insurance coverage ensures that in the unlikely event of an emergency, your pet’s welfare and your financial peace of mind are protected. 

Features of our state-of-the-art pet transport vehicles

Our policies are robust, covering various situations that might arise during transportation, from health emergencies to accidental injuries, making sure that every journey is as secure as possible.

By choosing Pets Lets Travel in Exeter, you entrust your pet to a service that not only meets all regulatory requirements but also cares deeply about the wellbeing of your furry family members. Our commitment to excellence and our comprehensive approach make us a trusted partner in pet transportation.

Emphasising Professionalism and Dedication to Animal Welfare

At Pets Lets Travel, professionalism is at the core of our operations. Each member of our team is trained to handle various types of animals with compassion and expertise. We recognize that pets are family members, and as such, their emotional and physical wellbeing is our top priority. 

Our staff are not only skilled but also passionate about animals, which drives our dedication to providing a service that is both caring and professional. This commitment is reflected in our meticulous attention to detail, from the first point of contact to the moment your pet safely arrives at its destination.

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DEFRA-Compliant Procedures Ensuring Safety and Care

Safety is non-negotiable when it comes to pet transport, and our DEFRA-compliant procedures are a testament to our commitment to providing the highest level of care. 

Being DEFRA-authorised means that we follow all legal requirements set out for animal transport, which cover everything from the suitability of the transport vehicles to the training and qualifications of our handlers. 

These regulations are in place to protect your pets during transport, ensuring they are safe, comfortable, and well-cared for throughout their journey. 

We regularly review and update our procedures to keep in line with any changes in legislation, guaranteeing not only compliance but also the safety and comfort of your pets. Our adherence to these strict standards is why so many pet owners trust Pets Lets Travel as their go-to for pet transportation services.

Local Expertise

At Pets Lets Travel, our deep local knowledge of Exeter and its various districts plays a pivotal role in our ability to provide exceptional pet transport services tailored to the unique needs of the area. 

Our team’s familiarity with the city ensures that we can navigate efficiently and effectively, reducing stress for the pets in our care and providing peace of mind for their owners.

Exeter, a city rich in history and bustling with activity, is composed of diverse areas each with its own character and requirements. From the historic city centre and the university-heavy area of Pennsylvania to the more residential zones like Heavitree and Alphington, we have developed specific strategies to serve each district optimally.

How we ensure timely delivery while maintaining pet comfort
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In the central areas like Exeter High Street and Sidwell Street, our drivers are skilled at managing routes that avoid heavy traffic periods, which is crucial for minimising travel time and stress on the pets. 

In contrast, for areas like St Leonard’s, which is known for its quieter, more suburban feel, our focus shifts towards ensuring that pickups and drop-offs are as discreet and calm as possible, catering to the tranquil environment that pets from these areas are accustomed to.

For the outer suburbs like Countess Wear and Marsh Barton, and extending to nearby towns such as Exmouth and Crediton, our drivers are not only versed in the best routes but are also equipped to handle the logistical challenges of longer-distance travel, ensuring that every pet’s journey is safe and comfortable, irrespective of the distance.

Our extensive understanding of Exeter’s layout and its specific logistical and environmental factors means that Pets Lets Travel can provide a nuanced service that respects both the urban and rural dynamics of the area. 

This local expertise allows us to adapt our services to meet the varied needs of Exeter’s pet owners, ensuring that each pet’s transport is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, specific to their environmental familiarity and comfort.

Our Commitment to Pet Safety and Comfort

At Pets Lets Travel, ensuring the safety and comfort of pets during transport is a cornerstone of our service philosophy. We recognize that transporting a pet can be a source of anxiety for both the animal and its owner. 

To mitigate these concerns, we implement a range of safety measures and utilise specialised equipment designed to keep your pet secure and comfortable throughout their journey.

Our commitment extends beyond basic transport requirements; we aim to create an environment where pets feel secure and at ease. This is achieved through rigorous training of our staff and the adoption of best practices in animal care during transit.

Features of Transportation Vehicles and Equipment

Necessary vaccinations and health checks explained

Our transportation vehicles are specially equipped to handle the needs of various types of pets. Each vehicle is fitted with climate control systems to maintain a comfortable temperature regardless of weather conditions. 

This is crucial for preventing stress caused by overheating or excessive cold, which can be particularly harmful to pets.

The interiors of our vehicles are designed with safety and comfort in mind. Non-slip surfaces ensure that pets have stable footing during the journey, reducing the risk of injury. 

The compartments are spacious enough to allow pets to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably, which is vital for their wellbeing, especially during longer journeys.

Additionally, each transport vehicle is equipped with secure containment systems that are adjustable and can be customised to suit the size and breed of the pet. This flexibility ensures that whether it’s a tiny kitten or a large dog, each animal is held safely and comfortably.

We also equip our vehicles with hydration systems, allowing pets access to fresh water at all times to keep them hydrated. For longer journeys, we include rest stops in our schedule where pets can relieve themselves and stretch, which helps in reducing stress and promoting overall health.

The safety features of our vehicles are complemented by our use of high-quality, veterinary-approved sedatives for pets that are particularly anxious about travel. These are administered based on veterinary guidance and owner consent, ensuring the pet’s journey is as stress-free as possible.

Through these dedicated efforts in vehicle and equipment standards, Pets Lets Travel ensures that every aspect of the pet’s journey is managed with their safety and comfort as the top priority. 

This thorough approach to transport logistics reflects our deep commitment to providing a service that pets and their owners can trust entirely.

Necessary Health Certificates and Travel Documents

Our Pet Transport Services Explained

Pets Lets Travel offers a variety of pet transport services designed to accommodate the diverse needs of pet owners in Exeter. From emergency situations to planned relocations, our services ensure that every pet’s journey is managed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Our range includes emergency pet transport, which is available on short notice to address urgent needs, such as veterinary visits or unforeseen relocation requirements. 

For more routine needs, our scheduled pet relocations provide a pre-planned, smooth transit process from one home to another, which can be booked in advance and tailored to the pet’s specific requirements.

Handling of Various Pet Sizes and Species

Understanding that pets come in various sizes and species, each with unique needs, Pets Lets Travel is equipped to handle a broad spectrum of animals, from small rodents and birds to larger dogs and cats. 

We ensure that each pet, regardless of size or species, receives the attention and care they require during transport.

Special Care for Special Pets

Special Care for Small and Large Pets

The safety and comfort of both small and large pets are paramount during any transport. Small pets, such as rabbits and cats, require secure and snug carriers to prevent excessive movement that could cause stress or injury. 

Larger pets, like large dog breeds, need more spacious accommodations that allow them to maintain a comfortable position throughout their journey.

Tailored Transport Solutions for Different Pet Sizes and Needs

To address the individual needs of different pet sizes and species, Pets Lets Travel offers tailored transport solutions. 

This includes custom-fitted carriers and adjustable space dividers in our vehicles, ensuring that every pet has the appropriate amount of space and security. We also provide climate-controlled environments to keep pets calm and comfortable, regardless of external weather conditions.

Stress Reduction Techniques for Pets During Transit

Stress reduction is critical for maintaining the health and wellbeing of pets during transport. Our team employs various techniques to minimise stress, including the use of pheromone diffusers that emit calming chemicals similar to those found naturally in animals. 

We also ensure that the environment inside the transport vehicles remains quiet and calm to avoid overstimulation.

Local Expertise: Understanding the Unique Needs of Newcastle upon Tyne

Licensing and Certifications

Pets Lets Travel prides itself on adhering to the highest standards of regulatory compliance in the pet transport industry. Our operations are fully licensed and we hold all necessary certifications, including DEFRA authorization, which is essential for ensuring that we meet all health and safety standards set by government regulations.

Detailed Information on DEFRA Authorization and Other Relevant Certifications

Being DEFRA authorised means that our practices meet strict guidelines for the humane and safe transport of animals. This includes regular inspections of our vehicles, equipment, and procedures to ensure they meet national standards. 

This certification is crucial as it not only signifies compliance but also reassures our clients that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care in our services.

Importance of Compliance in Pet Transport

Compliance is not just about adhering to the laws; it is about ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the pets in our care. 

It means that every aspect of our operation, from the training of our staff to the maintenance of our vehicles, is designed to protect and nurture the animals we transport. This commitment to compliance and certification underpins our reputation as a trusted provider of pet transport services in Exeter.

Streamlining Your Pet’s Journey

At Pets Lets Travel, we aim to make the process of pet transport as clear and straightforward as possible. Here’s a step-by-step guide detailing how our pet transport service works, from preparation to the day of the journey, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your pet.

Pre-Transport Preparation Tips for Pet Owners

Preparation is key to a stress-free pet transport experience. We recommend starting with a visit to your vet to ensure your pet is healthy and fit for travel. 

Updating vaccinations and obtaining the necessary health certificates are also crucial steps. At home, gradually acclimatise your pet to their travel carrier by letting them spend time in it with their favourite toys or blankets.

On the Day of Transport

On the day of transport, Pets Lets Travel ensures everything is set for a smooth journey. Pet owners should feed their pets a light meal a few hours before departure and provide ample time for exercise and bathroom breaks. 

When our transport team arrives, they will review all necessary documentation and discuss any last-minute details to ensure clarity and peace of mind.

How Pets Lets Travel Ensures a Smooth Experience

Our team is trained to handle all aspects of pet transport with professionalism and care. From the moment we arrive to pick up your pet, we prioritise comfort and safety, using secure pet carriers and providing calming reassurances. 

Our vehicles are equipped with temperature control and adequate ventilation to ensure a comfortable environment throughout the journey.

Ensuring Compliance and Safety During Transport

Safety and compliance are non-negotiable at Pets Lets Travel. We adhere strictly to DEFRA guidelines and local regulations to ensure every transport meets statutory requirements. 

Our vehicles and equipment undergo regular checks and maintenance to uphold our high safety standards, ensuring that every journey is not only compliant with legal standards but also exceeds them in terms of safety and care.

How Pets Lets Travel Maintains High Standards in Pet Transport

Maintaining high standards in pet transport is integral to our operation. We achieve this through continuous training of our staff, regular updates to our transport equipment, and adhering to the best practices in animal welfare. 

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each pet receives the highest level of care during their journey with us.

Tips for Preparing Your Pet for Transport

Preparing your pet for transport can significantly reduce stress for both you and your pet. Some practical tips include familiarising your pet with the travel carrier, maintaining a routine up until the day of transport, and including a familiar item, like a blanket or toy, to comfort them during the journey.

This comprehensive approach ensures that from pre-transport preparation to the actual day of travel, every aspect is covered to facilitate a safe and comfortable journey for your pet.

Ready to Book Your Pet’s Safe Journey?

Are you looking for a reliable and compassionate pet transport service in Exeter? Look no further than Pets Lets Travel. We are dedicated to ensuring your pet’s safety, comfort, and well-being throughout their journey. 

Whether it’s a local move or a more extensive relocation, we are here to support you every step of the way. Don’t wait to secure a stress-free travel experience for your beloved pet. Contact us today to discuss your pet transport needs and schedule your service. 

Let us help you streamline your pet’s journey with professionalism and care. Call now or visit our website to book your pet’s safe and comfortable transport with Pets Lets Travel.


Here are five frequently asked questions about our pet transport services at Pets Lets Travel, providing additional insights for pet owners considering our services.

At Pets Lets Travel, we specialise in transporting a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, small mammals like rabbits and guinea pigs, and even more exotic pets. Each species requires different handling, and we are equipped to cater to these specific needs.

Yes, we offer GPS tracking for every pet transport. This allows you to monitor your pet’s location in real-time, providing peace of mind throughout the journey. You will be given access to a tracking link once the transport begins.

Due to regulations and the special care needs of certain breeds, there are restrictions on transporting snub-nosed (brachycephalic) dogs and cats. However, we can often provide advice on alternative options for owners of these breeds.

Please inform us about any medical conditions or requirements your pet has when you book the service. We are equipped to handle pets with special medical needs, including administering medications at required intervals, provided all necessary medications and instructions are supplied by you. 

Our team is trained to monitor your pet’s health throughout the journey and respond to any issues that may arise.