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Fish Transportation Services by Pets Let's Travel in the UK and EU

Fish Transportation Services by Pets Let's Travel in the UK and EU

At Pets Let’s Travel, we offer unrivalled Fish Transportation Services, specialising in the safe and comfortable transit of popular British pet fish such as goldfish, koi, bettas, guppies, and angelfish across the UK and EU. Understanding the unique needs of these aquatic pets, we have crafted our fish courier service to ensure their welfare, security, and comfort throughout their journey. Trust us to deliver a seamless transport experience for your beloved fish, ensuring they arrive at their destination stress-free and in perfect health.

Why Opt for Pets Let's Travel in the UK and EU.

Expertise in Aquatic Animal Transport: Our specialised knowledge in fish courier services allows us to cater to each species’ specific needs across the UK and EU. Each fish is treated with the utmost care, ensuring their journey is as comfortable as possible.

Customised Travel Solutions: Recognising that no two fish are the same, we offer customised transport solutions across the UK and the broader EU. Everything is tailored to meet your fish’s needs, from the design of travel tanks to the specific care during transit.

Commitment to Safety: The safety and comfort of your fish are our top priorities. Our vehicles, equipped with advanced water quality control systems, maintain optimal conditions across the UK and EU, and our tanks are designed to secure and comfort your fish during their journey.


Transparent and Communicative Approach: We keep you informed every step of the way. With real-time updates and GPS tracking, you can know exactly where your fish is and how they are doing throughout the UK and EU.

Our Comprehensive Fish Transportation Services in the UK and EU

Specialised Care for Each Species

  • Goldfish: We transport goldfish in specially designed tanks that minimise stress and maintain a stable temperature.
  • Koi: Our spacious tanks allow koi to move comfortably, reducing stress and ensuring they remain relaxed.
  • Bettas: Known for their need for warm water, bettas are kept in individually heated compartments to prevent stress.
  • Guppies: These social fish are given ample space to ensure their comfort and well-being.
  • Angelfish: We provide carefully pH-balanced environments tailored to their specific needs.

Tailored Transportation Experience

Understanding that the needs of aquatic animals vary greatly, we tailor each transport plan to the individual fish’s requirements in the UK and EU. This includes:

  • Health Checks: Comprehensive pre-travel health assessments to ensure fitness for travel.
  • Water Quality-Controlled Transport: Maintaining specific water quality parameters critical for the well-being of aquatic pets.
  • Secure and Comfortable Tanks: Each fish is housed in a custom-designed tank that provides safety, comfort, and enough room to swim around.

Ensuring a Stress-Free Journey

We aim to make the transportation process as smooth and stress-free as possible for fish and their owners in the UK and EU. We provide detailed pre-travel instructions and post-travel care tips to help your fish acclimate to its new environment quickly and comfortably.

Tailored Transportation Experience
Pre-Travel Consultation and Customization

Pre-Travel Consultation and Customization

We conduct a thorough pre-travel consultation before any fish embarks on their journey with us in the UK and EU. This process allows us to gather all necessary information about your fish’s health, behaviour, and preferences. During this consultation, we discuss dietary requirements, medical history, and any special needs your fish may have. This information helps us customise every aspect of your fish’s travel plan, from the choice of water in their travel tank to the scheduling of feeding and water changes.

Comprehensive Health and Safety Protocols

At Pets Let’s Travel, we adhere to rigorous health and safety protocols to ensure the utmost care of your fish during transportation across the UK and EU. Our team is trained in aquatic first aid and fish behaviour, enabling them to address any issues that may arise during the journey promptly. Additionally, our vehicles are equipped with water quality management kits and emergency supplies tailored to the needs of aquatic animals. We also maintain strong partnerships with veterinary services along all our routes to provide quick medical attention if needed.

Advanced Booking and Scheduling System

Pets Let’s Travel offers an advanced online booking and scheduling system to make the booking process as smooth as possible. This user-friendly platform lets you choose the optimal dates and times for your fish’s travel, ensuring that the transportation aligns with your schedule and requirements across the UK and EU. Our system instantly confirms your booking and provides reminders as the travel date approaches.

Training and Development for Handling Staff AQUATIC FISH

Training and Development for Handling Staff

The expertise of our handling staff is crucial to providing superior service. Therefore, all team members undergo continuous aquatic care and customer service training. This training includes species-specific handling techniques, stress reduction strategies, and emergency response. Our staff’s expertise ensures they can maintain a calm and safe environment, making the travel experience pleasant for all fish across the UK and EU.

Post-Travel Care and Feedback

After the journey, we provide a detailed post-travel care package that includes tips on helping your fish adjust to its new environment, a summary of the journey, and any observations our staff made during transport. We also invite feedback through a customer satisfaction survey, which helps us improve our services continually. This ongoing engagement ensures we remain connected with our clients and their fish across the UK and EU after service completion.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Pets Let’s Travel is committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We utilise eco-friendly practices in all operations, from using biodegradable waste products during transport to opting for fuel-efficient vehicles. We also engage in carbon offset programs to balance the emissions produced by our transportation services. Our dedication to sustainability is part of our promise to care for your fish and the planet they inhabit.


Ensure they are comfortable with their travel tank before the journey. Include familiar plants and substrates to make the tank feel like home.

We use climate-controlled vehicles and closely monitor water temperature and quality to maintain the ideal environment for koi across the UK and EU.

Our real-time GPS tracking system lets you monitor your betta’s trip directly from your smartphone.

Our staff is trained in aquatic first aid, and our vehicles are equipped with emergency supplies. If needed, we also have protocols to quickly reach veterinary assistance across the UK and EU.

Include their favourite plants and some small, familiar objects to provide comfort during the journey.

We plan the shortest and most comfortable route to minimise travel time and reduce stress on your angelfish across the UK and EU.

Yes, we ensure all fish can access fresh water and appropriate food throughout their journey.

Our water quality-controlled vehicles ensure a stable environment to keep your fish comfortable regardless of external conditions across the UK and EU.

Absolutely! We encourage you to send familiar items to keep your fish engaged and comforted.

The cost includes health checks, customised travel preparations, real-time tracking, and comprehensive care throughout the journey across the UK and EU.