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Duck and Chicken Transportation Service UK by Pets Let's Travel

Duck and Chicken Transportation

At Pets Let’s Travel, we specialise in providing tailored Duck and Chicken Transportation Services across the UK. With an emphasis on safety, comfort, and regulatory compliance, our service is designed to meet the needs of poultry owners and breeders who require reliable transportation solutions for their ducks and chickens. Whether you’re relocating, participating in shows, or involved in breeding programs, we ensure that your poultry reaches its destination in optimal condition.

Why Choose Pets Let's Travel for Poultry Courier Services?

Specialised Transportation Vehicles: Our fleet includes custom-designed vehicles equipped with climate-controlled systems to maintain the ideal environment for ducks and chickens during transit. Each vehicle is fitted with secure, spacious compartments that minimise stress and promote the well-being of your poultry.

Comprehensive Health and Safety Protocols: We adhere strictly to the UK’s animal welfare regulations, ensuring every journey complies with the highest standards. Pre-journey health checks, regular stops for care, and post-journey assessments are standard practices to maintain your poultry’s health.

Experienced Animal Handlers: Our team consists of professional animal handlers with extensive experience managing poultry. They receive ongoing training in animal welfare and are knowledgeable about the specific needs of different poultry breeds.

Breeder Support Services

Transparent Communication: We provide regular updates throughout the transportation process, using GPS tracking systems that allow you to monitor your poultry’s journey in real-time. This gives you peace of mind that your poultry is safe and well cared for.

Tailored Duck and Chicken Transportation Services

Breeder Support Services

We offer comprehensive transportation solutions tailored for poultry breeders. Our services include scheduled pick-ups and deliveries to and from breeding facilities, ensuring that genetic material and live poultry are transported under optimal conditions to maintain their health and vitality.

Poultry Show Logistics

Transporting poultry to shows requires meticulous planning and execution. We manage all aspects of show transportation, including pre-show preparation and post-show care, ensuring that your ducks and chickens arrive in pristine condition and ready to compete.

Educational and Conservation Projects

Collaborating with educational institutions and conservation projects, we provide transportation services that support the reintroduction of poultry species into natural habitats or new environments and facilitate educational programs aimed at promoting poultry welfare and conservation.

Poultry Show Logistics

Long-Distance and International Transport

For clients needing to transport poultry across long distances or internationally, we offer specialised services that include customs clearance and adherence to international animal transport regulations. These ensure a smooth and stress-free journey for your poultry across borders.

Enhancing the Transportation Experience

Customizable Travel Plans

Recognising that each poultry owner’s needs differ, we offer customisable travel plans that can be adjusted based on the specific requirements of your ducks and chickens, such as distance, travel time, and the number of stops needed for feeding and health checks.

Emergency Veterinary Services

We maintain partnerships with veterinary services across the UK to provide immediate medical attention if required during transit. Our vehicles are equipped with first-aid kits tailored to poultry care, ensuring rapid response to any health issues.

Customizable Travel Plans
Biosecurity Measures

Biosecurity Measures

Our commitment to preventing disease transmission during transport is paramount. We implement stringent biosecurity measures, including vehicle disinfection before and after each journey and health screenings for all poultry before boarding.

Stress Reduction Protocols

Understanding the stress that travel can impose on poultry, we have developed specific protocols to reduce stress during transit. These include calming environmental enhancements within transport units and minimising exposure to loud noises and abrupt movements.

Dedicated Duck Transportation Solutions

Specialised Duck Care in Transit: Our transportation services for ducks are designed with their specific needs in mind. Ducks require access to water not just for drinking but also to maintain their plumage and hygiene. Our vehicles have modified water systems that allow ducks to hydrate and groom themselves naturally during transit, reducing stress and promoting their well-being.

Temperature and Humidity Control for Ducks: Ducks are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, which can significantly impact their health. Our transport units are climate-controlled to maintain a consistent environment that mimics their natural habitats, ensuring ducks remain comfortable throughout their journey.

Dedicated Duck Transportation Solutions
Customised Chicken Transport Services

Customised Chicken Transport Services

Customizable Travel Plans

Enhanced Chicken Care During Transport: Chickens require careful handling to prevent stress and injury. Our compartments are designed to ensure that each chicken has sufficient space, and the environments are kept calm and quiet to prevent panic and distress.

Biosecurity for Chickens: Preventing the spread of disease is crucial, especially when transporting chickens. We implement strict biosecurity measures, including disinfection protocols before and after each journey and health checks to ensure that all chickens are disease-free and fit for travel.

Transportation Solutions for Other Fowl

Guinea Hen Transport Services: Guinea hens require careful handling due to their skittish nature. Our services include specially designed quiet and darkened compartments that help keep these birds calm during transit.

Quail Transportation Expertise: Transporting quails requires attention to their small size and specific dietary needs. We provide specially designed miniaturised feeding and watering equipment to accommodate their petite stature and ensure they are fed with specific diets during transit.

Pigeon Courier Services: Known for their homing instinct, pigeons are unique regarding transportation needs. Our pigeon transport services include GPS-tagged carriers to monitor their journey closely and ensure they do not escape and try to return home prematurely.

Hen Transport Services
Fowl Care

Additional Services for Comprehensive Fowl Care

Post-Transport Health Monitoring: Following the delivery of ducks, chickens, or other fowl, we offer a post-transport monitoring service to assess their health and well-being. This ensures that veterinary professionals can promptly address any potential issues arising from the transit.

Educational Support for Owners: We believe in empowering owners with knowledge about the best practices for fowl care during transportation. Our service includes access to educational materials and online resources that provide owners with information on maintaining the health and safety of their birds before, during, and after transport

Community Engagement and Support

Collaborations with Poultry Clubs and Societies: We partner with various poultry clubs and societies across the UK to offer our members special transportation rates and services tailored to the needs of hobbyists and professional breeders alike.


Our vehicles are specifically modified for poultry transportation, featuring climate-controlled environments and individual compartments that prevent overcrowding and stress. Each vehicle is regularly inspected and maintained to meet stringent safety and comfort standards.

We adhere to all UK legislation regarding the transport of animals. This includes conducting thorough health checks before travel, ensuring all handlers are trained and certified, and maintaining detailed records of each journey.

Yes, we offer emergency transportation services for poultry. We provide rapid response and coordination to ensure your birds are transported safely and as quickly as possible in urgent situations.

We recommend acclimatising your poultry to transportation conditions by gradually introducing them to smaller travel enclosures and reducing feed before travel to prevent discomfort. Our team will provide detailed guidelines based on the specifics of your journey.

We plan routes with necessary stops for long or international journeys and coordinate with animal welfare facilities to ensure your poultry can rest and be cared for. Compliance with international animal transport regulations is rigorously followed to ensure a seamless border transition.

Yes, we ensure that all poultry have access to fresh water and appropriate feed during their journey. Feeding schedules are tailored to the length of the journey and the specific dietary needs of the transported poultry.

We offer real-time GPS tracking for all transports, allowing you to monitor your poultry’s location and estimated arrival time throughout their journey.

Should a bird show signs of illness during transport, our handlers are trained to provide first-line response and will consult with veterinary services immediately to provide necessary care.

We generally recommend transporting similar species together to reduce stress. However, individual compartments can be used to separate different species if needed.

You can book our services by contacting us directly through our website or customer service line. We recommend scheduling as far in advance as possible, especially for large or international transports, to ensure all preparations are thoroughly managed.