10 Best Animal Couriers in the UK 2024: Reliable Pet Transportation

Top 10 Pet Relocation services in the UK 2024

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When moving your beloved pets, choosing the right service is crucial. The top 10 animal courier services in the UK in 2024 are not just about transportation; they are about ensuring your pets travel safely and comfortably. These services are dedicated to the well-being of animals, offering care and attention during their journey, assuring you that your pets are in the best possible care. 

They understand the special bond between you and your pet and treat each animal with kindness and love. In this list, we highlight the best services that guarantee peace of mind for you and a stress-free experience for your furry friends, ensuring you can trust your pets are in safe hands.

Here is the list of the Top 10 animal courier services in the UK in 2024

  1. Pets Lets Travel
  2. Cat Flap Fitter – Cat Out Of Glass
  3. Steve The Greek London
  4. Ladyhaye
  5. PetAir UK
  6. Paws Pet Travel
  7. Luxury Pet Taxi Ltd
  8. 101 Pet Express
  9. Elite Pet Taxi Ltd
  10. Execpets

1. Pets Lets Travel

Pets Lets Travel is a leading animal courier service in the UK. We are known for their exceptional care and dedication to pet safety. We provide door-to-door transportation, ensuring your pets are comfortable and secure throughout the journey. 

Our Vehicles are equipped with climate control and comfortable bedding, making travel stress-free for pets. Pets Lets Travel offers personalised service, catering to each pet’s needs. We are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare. This service makes them the top choice for pet owners across the UK.

2. Cat Out of Glass

Cat Out of Glass specialises in fitting cat flaps into various types of glass, double glazing, and other materials. They offer a specific service, creating custom-made glass panels to fit your needs. Their expertise ensures a professional and secure installation, providing pet owners with peace of mind. 

With a focus on convenience and safety, Cat Out of Glass uses advanced microchip cat flaps to control pet access. Their reliable and customised services ensure your pet’s freedom while maintaining home security.

3. Steve The Greek

Steve The Greek offers a comprehensive pet transportation service across the UK. They ensure your pets are moved safely and comfortably. They provide same-day courier services, making it convenient for urgent pet relocations. Their service includes secure and well-equipped carriers, guaranteeing the safety of your pets during transit. Steve The Greek’s customer-focused approach and dedication to high standards make them a reliable choice for pet owners. We also provide 24/7 customer support, ensuring you can reach us anytime during your pet’s journey. 

They also offer home and office removal services, demonstrating their versatility and commitment to quality service.

4. Ladyhaye Pet Transport

Ladyhaye is a renowned pet transport service with over 35 years of experience providing professional and stress-free pet relocation. They offer customised travel plans to suit each pet’s needs, ensuring comfort and safety. 

Ladyhaye specialises in domestic and international pet travel, handling all logistics and paperwork for an effortless experience. Their team is dedicated to treating every pet with the utmost care, making them a trusted choice for pet owners worldwide.

5. PetAir UK

PetAir UK stands out for its dedication to safe and stress-free pet travel. As the only pet transport company run by specialist vets, it offers expert care and attention to detail. It provides custom containers and is DEFRA-approved, ensuring compliance with all regulations. 

PetAir UK is British Airways’ preferred partner, highlighting its trusted service. With over 30,000 pets transported globally since 2004, it is a reliable choice for international pet relocation.

6. Paws Pet Travel

Paws Pet Travel offers specialised pet transportation services across the UK and Europe. Based in Kent, they provide a local pet taxi service and international pet transport, including regular trips between Folkestone and Calais. 

Their specific service ensures pets travel comfortably and safely, whether for vet visits, relocations, or international travel. Paws Pet Travel is DEFRA-registered and known for its reliable and caring approach, making it a trusted choice for pet owners.

7. Luxury Pet Taxi

Luxury Pet Taxi offers premium pet transportation services across Europe, specialising in travel via the Eurotunnel. They provide a door-to-door service, ensuring pets travel in comfort and safety. 

Their top-notch vehicles offer live location tracking and photo updates during the journey. With fully insured and experienced drivers, they prioritise the well-being of pets, making them a reliable choice for pet owners. Their service is ideal for relocations, holidays, and more.

8. 101 Pet Express

101 Pet Express provides top-tier pet transportation across the UK and Europe. They offer door-to-door service with modern vehicles equipped with custom cages, air conditioning, and ventilation. Their award-winning service includes regular updates and photos of your pets during travel. 

They handle all travel documents and ensure a comfortable journey with frequent stops for food and exercise. Committed to pet welfare, they provide a safe and stress-free experience for pets and their owners.

9. Elite Pet Taxi

Elite Pet Taxi offers premier pet transportation services between the UK and Europe via the Eurotunnel. They provide a door-to-door service, ensuring your pet’s journey is comfortable and stress-free. With over 17 years of experience, they handle all logistics and paperwork, making travel easy for pet owners. 

Their fleet includes luxurious and spacious vehicles like the Mercedes V Class and Skoda Superb Estate, ensuring a smooth ride. Fully insured and DEFRA registered, Elite Pet Taxi prioritises safety and comfort, making them a reliable choice for pet transport.

10. Exec Pets

Exec Pets offers premium pet and owner transport services across the UK and Europe. They specialise in road transport, providing comfortable and safe travel for pets in luxury vehicles. Pets can travel with their owners or in IATA-approved crates. 

Exec Pets ensures a stress-free journey with climate-controlled vehicles, GPS tracking, and regular updates. Their experienced drivers and commitment to pet welfare make them a reliable choice for pet transportation.

Why Choose Pets Lets Travel

Pets Lets Travel offers unparalleled expertise in pet transportation. Our experienced team ensures your pets receive the utmost care throughout their journey. With years of experience, we understand the unique needs of different pets and provide customised care to each one. For pets with medical conditions, we have a specialised process in place to ensure their health and safety during the journey.

Comfortable Travel

We provide climate-controlled vehicles and cosy bedding to keep your pets comfortable. Our well-being is our top priority, ensuring a stress-free trip. Our vehicles are designed to minimise anxiety and maximise comfort, making the journey enjoyable for your pets. For pets with anxiety or stress, we have a specialised process in place to ensure their emotional well-being is taken care of during the journey.

Personalised Service

Every pet is unique, and so are its needs. We offer customised services to cater to your furry friends’ specific requirements, guaranteeing a personalised experience. From customised travel plans to special dietary needs, we accommodate every detail. Our experienced team is trained to handle pets with special needs, ensuring their comfort and well-being throughout the journey.

Safety First

Your pets’ safety is paramount. Our vehicles have advanced safety features, and we adhere to strict protocols to protect them during travel. We are DEFRA-approved and follow all regulatory guidelines to ensure compliance and safety.

Reliable Updates

Stay informed with regular updates and GPS tracking. We keep you connected with your pets, providing peace of mind and assurance of their well-being. Our transparent communication ensures you know your pets’ location and status.

Choose the Best for Your Pets

When selecting a pet courier service, choosing one that prioritises your pet’s comfort and safety is essential. While many services offer reliable transportation, Pets Lets Travel stands out for its exceptional care and personalised approach. 

Their climate-controlled vehicles and customised services ensure a stress-free journey for your pets. Other companies like PetAir UK and Elite Pet Taxi also provide excellent services. However, Pets Lets Travel offers unmatched expertise and reliability.

Trust Pets Lets Travel for your pet’s next journey.

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